WrightChoiceCare Aims and Assurances for the Family Unit

Promising Care In Everything We Do

We aim to provide your family with a quality service appropriate to your need. Following an initial enquiry we will arrange a visit to discuss your thoughts and wishes and encourage all appropriate parties to work in partnership to devise and implement a suitable care package. Wrightchoicecare gives its assurance in understanding that you and your family know your needs best, thus permitting you to take the lead during the development of your care package.

We aim to be flexible, offering a wide variety of services including assistance with household tasks, everyday activities, hobbies, outdoor pursuits and personal care. We are open to new suggestions and aim to assist in all walks of life. Wrightchoicecare gives its assurance to be led by you and your family when deciding which tasks will benefit from our support, thus improving your quality of life.

We aim to offer professional and appropriate care throughout our service to your family. We understand that working within a family unit could involve personal issues, these we will perform with discretion and understanding. Wrightchoicecare gives its assurance that confidentiality is paramount within our work and your care package will never be inappropriately discussed, thus ensuring your privacy at all times.

We aim to assist the children, young adults and carers within your family unit, predominantly those who are living with a disability or additional need. We will offer our support with behaviour issues, mental health needs, physical disability, emotional support and personal care. Wrightchoicecare gives its assurance to take advice from all parties involved whilst putting the care package together, thus assuring you that we will offer the best support possible.